Terms of Booking

~ Deposit is due within 2 days if paid via app. or If you plan to pay in person, you will have 2 days to set up a date to come in. If I have not heard from you after 2 days, your spot will be forfeited.
~ A $100 deposit is required and you must submit your deposit within 48 hours of receiving your confirmation e-mail to secure your spot! If I have not heard from you with in 48 hours the spot will be forfeited. Deposits will come out of the cost of the tattoo upon completion of the tattoo. 
~ Deposits are completely non refundable/non transferable to another person other than who the appointment was made for.
~ If you need to reschedule, please let me know with more than 48 hours of notice. 
I understand that sometimes things happen and plans have to change unexpectedly. I will hold your deposit if you need to reschedule due to COVID related issues, or for one reschedule per appointment that is non-COVID related (i.e. work schedule changing, last-minute emergencies, etc.)
~ If you have to reschedule your appointment with me more than once, your original deposit will be forfeited and you will need to re-submit your idea again at the next round of bookings along with a new deposit for a new appointment slot.
~ Please contact me as soon as possible for all reschedules! If you have not contacted me and do not show up to your appointment within 15 minutes of your appointment time, you will be considered a no-show and your deposit will be forfeited.
~ I will honor your deposit if I have something come up that causes me to need to reschedule with you.
~ If you "no show" our appointment, your deposit will be forfeited and you will need to put down a new payment up front to rebook. 
~ If you no longer wish to be tattooed you will not get a refund for your deposit, so I highly suggest that if things change to please reschedule as I am fully willing to hold a deposit until you are able to get the work done. 
~ Deposits will be held for up to one year after your initial appointment if we need to reschedule. If you are not able to reschedule within a year, you will be required to place another deposit. 
~ If I become sick, I will contact you immediately. Know that your rescheduled time may have to be in the next round of bookings. I am human after all. 
~ Plainly put, deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE.
~ I do not provide any drawings prior to the day of your appointment. Unless I miss something major in the design, no changes will be made to the artwork that I provide when you show up. Please only be married to most of your subject matter and not necessarily to the arrangement you may have in your head. Even then sometimes I am not able to fit all of what you asked for into a tattoo. I will try my best to communicate with you when designing, but sometimes I may not able to until I can speak with you in person. My ultimate goal is for you to love your new tattoo, and I will always try my best to accommodate all of your requests into the design. Sometimes things need to be left out in order to keep a tattoo readable and open enough to last over the years. You have seen my work and I hope the trust is there for me to create something special for you.
~ I WILL NOT TATTOO YOU IF: you are pregnant, nursing, on antibiotics, or on blood thinner medication. If you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol you will be refused service. I do not tolerate any kind of hate speech in my presence, online, or any other outlet.
~ I will not tattoo over damaged skin containing sunburn, scabs, rashes, or scratches/cuts. If the area you want to be tattooed has an injury, you must change the location of the tattoo or reschedule your appointment.
~ Clients may not be tattooed with any healing injury, illness, or surgery for risk of causing infection or additional illness to the body due to stress.
~ Medical Conditions: Please inform us in advance if you have any of the following. Depending on the condition, we may need to reschedule or may need your doctor’s written permission. With most of these conditions, we can still tattoo you, we just need to know about the condition to make sure you are comfortable and taken care of:
Heart disease, Any Skin Condition/Eczema/Impetigo/Psoriasis/Acne/Sunburn, Hemorrhaging/Blood thinning illness, Fainting/ Seizures/Epilepsy, Diabetes, Cancer Treatments, any communicable disease such as Hepatitis/HIV/ MSRA, Cellulitis/ Keloid Scaring, Allergic Responses to food, metal or other substances, Breastfeeding, Any other medical condition that we should know.
~ I DO ALLOW THE USE NUMBING CREAM PRIOR TO YOUR APPOINTMENT.  HOWEVER: Numbing creams can sometimes lead to more difficult and poor healing of tattoos. You will be responsible for any touch ups or undesired outcome in the tattoo that is due to the use of a numbing agent. If touch ups are needed, you will be required to pay for that time. I can not be held responsible for any kind of health complications due to your use of a numbing agent. I recommend not using them.
~ COVID-19 INFORMATION: Please do also keep in mind that due to the current state of the world, things may have to be a little bit flexible. I am currently moving forward with booking in the hopes that I will be able to continue safely tattooing. However, if the need to reschedule arises, I will be in contact as soon as possible and we will figure things out as they come. 
You will not lose your deposit in this case. In an effort to keep myself, my coworkers, customers, and everyone I care about safe, we ask that you come alone to your appointment and not bring any guests into the shop when you arrive. If you show up and are showing signs of being sick you will be sent home, your deposit will be forfeited, and I will not work with you in the future. If you have tested positive for Covid or have been around anyone who has tested positive within the past 14 days, please reschedule. You are expected to wear a mask at all times for your duration of the tattoo. Feel free to bring water and a snack with you to your appointment, you will be able to consume them when we take a break and you are not around other customers, or employees.
***Please do not book with me if you have a problem with any of these policies.***
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