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How do I make an appointment?
When my booking window is open. You will fill out the form on my booking page and include as much information as you can so I can get a good idea about your piece and if I’m the right artist to take it on. I do not do scheduling through social media, however I do announce all my booking dates and cancellations on my instagram stories or my email subscription. If you don’t have social media, keep an eye on my booking page here, as I’ll be updating it when my books are open. I do not book appointments unless I have specifically announced that my books are open or I’m filling a cancellation, so while you’re welcome to submit an inquiry anytime you will only be able to get a slot if you submit it during my booking window.
What do you charge?
My minimum is $300 and I work at $150/hr and $200/hr for coverup. The amount of time your tattoo takes will depend on the size, style, detail, and placement, so the more information you can give me about your piece the better I’ll be able to provide an accurate price estimate. If you have a particular budget that you need to stay in, please let me know in your initial submission.
What’s the design process like?
While you are more than welcome to come to the shop and discuss your piece in person, I am very comfortable doing consultations via email as I work with a lot of clients who are not local. Once I get a good idea of your piece and the price estimate, we’ll secure your appointment date. I’ll likely be in contact with you throughout the creation of your design to get inspiration images and references so I know that I’m creating something that fits your style! I do no send out emails of the designs. I have had several drawings designs taken to other artists. If you'd like to see the design ahead of time we can arrange time before your appointment.
Do I need to put down a deposit?
I do require a $100 deposit to secure your appointment depending on project size. This deposit is nonrefundable, and you forfeit it entirely if you cancel within 48 hrs or are more than 15 minutes late for your appointment. However, if you give me ample notice I am happy to reschedule you if something comes up and you can apply your deposit to your new appointment time. I accept Venmo payments for the deposit, or you can come to the shop and put it down in person. The deposit will be applied to your total balance on the day of your tattoo or the last session depending on size of work.
How should I pay?
We accept both cash and card, though cash is always King.
What about tipping?
Ah, the most awkward question in the world. Tattooing is a service industry and it is customary to tip your artist if you feel they’ve done a good job. We certainly appreciate and take note of clients who tip and tip well, but it’s not required.
Does it hurt?
Everyone’s pain tolerance is different, but if you’re freaking out about the pain then chances are you’re wigging yourself out more than you need to be. Tattoo needles aren’t actually that scary (I hate getting my blood drawn too) and while certain areas are definitely more sensitive than others (ribs, feet, etc.) it’s a very temporary pain and when it’s over you’ll have a beautiful new piece of art on your body.
What should I do in preparation for my tattoo?
A week before your scheduled appointment it good to exfoliate and moisturize your skin. This make your skin softer and easier to tattoo. For those of you with lots of hair it's always a wonderful surprise if the area is trimmed before the appointment and I will give the area a fresh shave the day of the appointment. The night before your appointment; get a good nights sleep, eat a good breakfast, drink water and bring a water bottle and a snack to your appointment! Avoid going out on an all-night bender the night before since alcohol can thin your blood and make sure that your skin is sun-burn free. If you are on any blood thinners please consult for physician ahead of time. 
What about aftercare?
Two important things to know are that you should avoid sun exposure and swimming for 2 weeks after a tattoo. I’ll walk you through an aftercare routine the day of your appointment, but if you have any big vacations or work in a job that would expose your tattoo to a lot of sun or dirt, keep that in mind when you schedule your piece.

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